Colour Management

After much help and guidance from some of our major clients, we have reviewed our colour management systems and quality management procedures.

We firstly decided to upgrade our pre-press system to Fuji XMF to handle our PDF workflow requirements. To run in tandem with this, we upgraded our colour management system to GMG Colour Server with GMG PressSign.

All proofs are now output and scanned using our GMG Colour Proof integrated Eye1 Spectrophotometer. Once scanned the software reports back on colour profile information and certifies the proofs to be of ISO12647 standard. These proofs then accompany the plates and job details to the presses.

Whilst the Heidelberg Speedmaster has Heidelberg Prinect Image Control , which offers fully integrated colour control and quality control colour history to ISO 12647 standards. The GOSS PrintStream web offset press has a QuadTech Inline Closed Loop Colour system which runs in tandem with GMG Colour Server. On press, a FOGRA 39L/47L/LWC (paper dependant) colour strip is always present and is scanned using the GMG Eye1 Spectrophotometer. The running sheets are then scanned to check and confirm that the colour is within ISO 12647 standard.

On all presses, every 5,000 impressions time stamped running sheets are taken, where the printer stamps the sheet using an electrical time stamp, he signs the sheet and clearly identifies the number of sheets ran to date. These time stamped sheets then clearly highlight the colour “history” of the compete production run.

With the help and guidance of some of our clients we have managed to increase our level of colour “awareness” and treat this as a philosophy not just that we are now at the desired levels. We are continuously upgrading our software systems and at present just about tom install a new plate processing system, the FUJI V8 which is considerably quicker than our previous and will be up and running soon.

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